Upcoming events

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Revival Meeting

Date:10th April
Guest speaker: Fraser Young
Morning services from 10 to 12 with lunch to follow. The Evening service will be moved to 3:00 PM.

Resurrection Sunday

Date: 17th April

Lunch after main morning service with evening service to follow at 3:00 pm

Mother's Day

Date: 8 May

National Day of Thanks

Date: 29th May

Evening service at 3:00 pm

July Lunch

Date: 31st July, Lunch after main morning service, evening service at 3 pm

Ladies Meeting

Date: 6th August

Men's Breakfast

Date: 20th August

Fathers Day

Date: 4 September

Rocket Launching Competition

Date: 29 October

October Lunch

Date: 30 October, Lunch after morning service, evening service at 3 pm

Community Day

Date: 1st November

Family Picnic and Fishing Trip

Date: 19th November

Christmas Service

Date: 25th December

Gentlemen and Ladies Day

Date: 31st July. A day full of learning, fellowshipping, and feasting.