Where to buy Bibles?

We have compiled a list of where to buy good quality Cambridge editions of the King Jame Bible (authorised version 1611).

1. Trinitarian Bible Society


  • The family bible is good for those who do not want a wide margin but are looking for a good bible. It is not red letter but it is genuine leather. It cost $122.00AUD
  • The Classic Reference Bible Calfskin leather is good for someone looking for a small bible – $62AUD (with zip) It. # 4U/bk
  • Windsor Text Bible-Calfskin leather-black (It # 25U/BK) is good for someone wanting a small bible $43.85AUD
  • Westminister Reference Bible

2. King James Bible Store

KJVStore – Charged in USD.

3. Wide-margin Cambridge text Bible

A bible put out by Hendrickson that is genuine leather, large print, wide margin. The ISBN is: 9781619701137

Bible #1 ($60USD which does not include shipping as of 23/10/2015)

Bible #2 ($97.38AUD which includes free shipping as of: 23/10/2015)

4. ChristianBook.com

KJV Minister’s Bible, Black Calfskin put out by Holman Bible publishers.

Bible #1 ($132.95USD which does not include FREE shipping as of 23/10/2015)

Bible #2 ($199.74AUD which includes FREE shipping as of 23/10/2015)

5. Local Church Bible Publishers


Wide margin, not red letter, $57.00USD Bible #1 — price does NOT include shipping.

6. Cambridge Wide margin edition

We recommend the following ISBN: 9781107696013 – this can be purchased for $169.81AUD (as of 16/10/2015)

Bible #1

7. Soul winning Bibles

Small Bible #1 – with zipper ($55USD as of 23/10/2015. Shipping not included in price).

Small Bible #2 – with zipper ($65.46AUD as of 23/10/2015. Free shipping is included in the price).

Small Bible #3 – with flap ($23.99AUD) as of 20/09/2016. Purchased from Koorong who occasionally run 20% off promotions.