Our Regular Meetings

At Cornerstone Baptist Church, we have a number of regular meetings scheduled throughout the week.

Please scroll down to see our main services (along with their locations, day, and time).

Note: Our main Sunday service is Sunday afternoon (not morning).

Furthermore, we have the following services during the week. Please contact us for more information:

  • Public school scripture class (SRE).
  • Bible institute.
  • Nursing home ministry.
  • Door to door and letter-boxing evangelistic outreach.
  • Open air evangelistic outreach.
  • Visitation
  • Other community events.

Sunday Morning Service

Schofields Community Centre

Time: 10AM Sunday

Address: 65 Railway Terrace, Schofields, NSW, Sydney

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Our morning services

Sunday Afternoon Service

Rooty Hill Senior Citizens building

Note: This is our main worship service.

Address: 34b Rooty Hill Road South, Rooty Hill (Rooty Hill Senior Citizens Building)


  • 4pm-5pm (Children and Adult Sunday School)
  • 5pm-6pm (Main worship service)

Services available:

  • Worship service.
  • Crèche
  • Wheelchair ramp access available
  • Adults and childrens sunday school


Our afternoon services

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Wednesday Night Bible Study

Our mid-week Bible Study.

Time: 7PM

Address: 34b Rooty Hill Road South, Rooty Hill (Rooty Hill Senior Citizens building).

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Our afternoon services