Pastor Phillip Gaddes


Pastor Phillip GaddesThe Lord saved my soul from hell when I was seven years old.

Once I married, my wife and I began reading and studying our Bible in order to determine what was the truth. We also began praying and searching for a church. After much prayer, reading, and searching, in 1996 God led us to an independent King James Bible Believing Baptist church named Cornerstone Baptist Church.

It was at Cornerstone where we began to grow spiritually and get very involved in the things of God.  It was there, I acquired a great love and devotion for the words and work of God! Whilst there God used me to help in the jail, open air, door to door, children’s ministries, etc. It was there I learned about how powerful the Saviour and the scriptures are. It was whilst I was there that God taught me how to lead precious souls to the precious Saviour!

In September of 1999, God called me to be a preacher; and then in March of 2000, God called me to come to Australia and preach the gospel.

After God called me to come to Australia, I prepared by preaching across the USA for about two years. I also spent six months taking care of a church in the USA whilst it was without a Pastor. It was during that time we made many friendships and fellow labourers who have since partnered in our endeavour to preach the Gospel, praying for us regularly. Then, in 2003 we finally got our visas and so my family and I left everything and everyone that we held dear and headed to Australia.

When we first came to Australia we lived on a sheep station in Captains Flat, NSW. Whilst there I helped an Independent Baptist Church in Queanbeyan for about a year. Then God led us to Sydney.

Once in Sydney, I helped another church until they were ready to find their own Pastor. Then, in 2005, God led us to start Cornerstone Baptist Church in Rooty Hill. God has blessed beyond our efforts and built a church here from the foundation up. We simply tried to sow the seed and watch God work!

I say without any hesitation, if anything good has been accomplished in my lifetime, all credit must go to the Lord of glory, for He is worthy!

I thank God for the family He has given me who have been faithful through the think and the thin. I thank Him for the faithful people who have helped us along the way. I thank Him for the flock of God who He has put together in Cornerstone Baptist Church of Rooty Hill! I thank Him for calling me to Australia. I love Australia and desperately want to see the work of God prosper in this great nation. May God grant it to be so!!