Recommended links

Links to other websites

We have put together a list of links to other websites which we believe would be profitable to look at.

Note: We recommend the following sites believing that much of the information found on them will be a blessing to other believers. However, we want to make clear that just because we recommend a website, it does not mean we agree entirely with all the content. There may or may not be things on those websites we disagree with. Yet as a whole we believe they will be a blessing. If you see anything that concerns you then please let us know.

Recommended music

On this page, we have a list of good Christian music which we recommend you can purchase.

Note: These are websites which can give you some good music but since we have not listened to every song they play we can not put our full support on every song the following websites give. Thus, if you listen to something that you think is worldly, sensual, or devilish then please let us know because we would never intentionally recommend the devil’s music.

This list will continue to be updated, so please check back.